UK and Ukraine Tour
English translation by Maria Montague

Night Train Theatre Company

Director: Maria Montague
Designer: Nikki Charlesworth

“Captivating, heart-wrenching and genuinely funny” — ★★★★★ Theatre Bubble.

“The Luxurious detail in the set and costume (Nikki Charlesworth) keep us grounded in historical realism”.
— ★★★★ The Prickle Smart Arts Reviews.

Photos from the UK tour. Photos credit to Tobias Balduf.

In 2018 Night Train Theatre Company presented the English language premiere of MAKLENA, a poetic tragicomedy about a 13-year-old who gets lost in her fairy tale vision of life under the Soviet Union.

Set in 1930s Poland, a striking Polish house facade boasting three floors showed the strict class divide, whilst aged factory crates represented the industrialised world within the Soviet Union, and were utilised through skilful movement direction and physical

Photos from the 2019 Ukraine tour. Taken at the Molodyy Teatr, Kyiv. Photos credit to Oleksii Tovpyha.