The Luckiest Girl Alive

Co-Designed and Directed by Nikki Charlesworth, Amy Duran and Rachel Leggett.
Story: Hoda Ali.
Research and ethics consultation: Jacqueline Hoover.
Created in association with Charity 28TooMany. View their website here.

This verbatim performance follows the life of Hoda Ali, campaigner for 28TooMany, who underwent FGM at the age of seven. We follow Hoda in her epic journey across the globe, as her family sought medical care from the dangerous effects of the procedure.

The performance premiered at Nottingham Puppet Festival 2018. In attendance were the general public, representatives of charities Mojatu and 28TooMany, and Hoda’s friends and family.

A second performance took place at Leyton Sixth Form College, funded by Waltham Forest Council. In attendance were local politicians, representatives of charities The Vavengers and 28TooMany, and activist and campaigner Hibo Wardere.

Photo: Hibo Wardere holding the Hoda puppet with Nikki Charlesworth

“You respected her [Hoda’s] story and you lifted her up.” – Hibo Wardere, activist, campaigner and educator. You can read her book ‘CUT’ here.

“A sensitive and inspiring show” – Nottingham Puppet Festival press release.