What Happened to You? Library and Studio Version

Designed by Nikki Charlesworth
Directed by Robyn Olivia
Co-created by the company

A Charity Shop, you know what they’re like. All odds and ends, the stuff that didn’t quite fit. Things are mixed up together, on rails, in boxes. Perhaps there’s something in that bright yellow wardrobe…

Photographs by Graeme Braidwood

What Happened to You? follows Little Red, Noodles and Bo, three raggedy puppets, trying to enjoy their day…but there are so many busy bodies getting in their way!

But today will be different, they are going to play by their own rules and show the grown-ups who’s boss. Today, they are going to open everyone’s eyes to see the endless world of adventures that are possible when you just give someone the chance.

What Happened to You? Is a semi-autobiographical puppetry show by artist Nikki Charlesworth, who throws away the rulebook with these award-winning puppets that reflect her own physicality and move as she moves.

Features creative Audio Description embedded into an original score and British Sign Language translation throughout, ensuring the show is accessible and inclusive.

You can stay and meet the puppets!

This libraries version of What Happened to You? is supported by Inspire; Culture, Learning and Libraries and The Spark Arts for Children through Vital Spark, a movement addressing the lack of diversity in the Performance for Young Audiences sector.

Audience Feedback:

From Kids:

Interesting, Amazing, Brilliant

Inspiring, Fun!”

“Fantastic! Amazing! funny! Love it!

“Creative and Funny

Excellent, amazing and brilliant

From Grown-ups:

Really interesting and thought provoking”

Wonderful, inspiring performance perfect for all ages!

Refreshing to see diverse, intersectional, LGBT+ and accessibility themes, as well as ableism issues presented” 

Absolutely Super” 

 “My granddaughter and I truly enjoyed every minute

A fantastic production, really well put together, we all had a brilliant time!”

Thank you! Inspired!

Fantastic and thought provoking. Well made and presented, a credit to you all”

“Wonderful and thought-provoking puppet show about disability, “What Happened To You?” by Nikki Rosa Charlesworth at the Studio Theatre (Sheffield) this afternoon. Joey was delighted to see a Deaf actor (Hearns Sebuado) in the show and follow the integrated BSL. But the real highlight was meeting (and cuddling) the puppets afterwards!”